(via 500px / joy by df h)
*Red-Whiskered Bulbul
(via 500px / Passing by Fernando Marinho)
*Blue and Yellow Macaw
(via 500px / Dream flying by df h)
*European Kingfisher
(via 500px / Tucanuçu by Fernando Marinho)
*Toco Toucan
(via 500px / Black Vultures fighting by Ofer Levy)
(via 500px / Regent Bowerbird male by Ofer Levy)
(via 500px / Look into my eyes look into my eyes by Yves Adams)
(via 500px / Jumping Little Bustard by Yves Adams)
(via 500px / One too many by Yves Adams)
(via 500px / Eye Contact by Yves Adams)
*Magpie and White-Tailed Eagle