(via 500px / Possessed !!! by Mario Severi)

Black-Necked Grebe
(via 500px / Concentration by Scott Denny)
Red Bellied Woodpecker
(via 500px / Booted Rackettail (Ecuador) by Juan Carlos Vindas)
(via 500px / Golden eagle having a discussion with Red fox by Yves Adams)

Golden Eagle and Red Fox
(via 500px / Toco Toucan by Eric Gurwin)

Toco Toucan
(via 500px / Fiery-throated hummingbird by Juan Carlos Vindas)
(via 500px / Löffler by Georg Scharf)
Black Crowned Tityra. Photo by Ricardo Gentil
Guianan Cock of the Rock. Photo by Ricardo Gentil
Rufous Headed Tanager. Photo by Ricardo Gentil