Lear’s Macaw (by jquental)
beija-flor-de-fronte-violeta (Thalurania glaucopis) (by jarbas mattos)

*Violet-Capped Woodnymph
houseofspectres said: Where did you work in the Bahamas?

i was in san salvador for a week :)

Falco rufigularis (by jquental)

*Bat Falcon
bico-reto-de-banda-branca (Heliomaster squamosus) (by jarbas mattos)

*Stripe-Breasted Starthroat
sylph0fl1ght said: What birds have you interacted with in person, as in handled and touched?

a few :)

in the bahamas i worked on banding a few birds. of the ones i can remember there were:

yellow warblers, bananaquits, black and white warblers, american redstart, thick-billed vireo, prairie warbler, palm warbler, and a white crowned pigeon.

outside of that i have handled saw-whet owls, downy woodpeckers, blue jays, titmice, white throated sparrows, ruby crowned kinglets and carolina wrens.

tompumphrey said: You have a photo of a goldfinch on your site. I am an amateur artist. I'd like to know if I you own the copyright on the photo, and if I can have permission to use it as a reference for my next painting?

hey there. none of these photos are mine. the photographer can be found at the link that is attached to the photo :)

Sincora Antwren (by jquental)
bico-reto-de-banda-branca (Heliomaster squamosus) (by jarbas mattos)

*Stripe-Breasted Starthroat
Hooded Visorbearer (by jquental)