(via 500px / Garnet Pitta by Harprit Singh)
(via 500px / Black-backed Kingfisher by Harprit Singh)
(via 500px / In Stream by Harprit Singh)
*Slaty-Backed Forktail
(via 500px / Colhereiros by brunojr)
*Roseate Spoonbill
(via 500px / Willow Warbler by Jonas Kazlauskas)
(via 500px / Face Off! by Harprit Singh)
*Blue-Winged Pitta
(via 500px / Cracking the whip by David Allan)
(via 500px / Handsome young Blue Jay by David Allan)
(via 500px / Golden-Crowned Kinglet branch hopping by David Allan)
(via 500px / Blink of an eye by David Allan)
*Female Ruby-Throated Hummingbird