(via 500px / Tough guy. by David Daniel)

*Greater Spotted Eagle
(via 500px / Chrys - Long Crested Eagle by Sandra Lowe)

*Long Crested Eagle
(via 500px / Staring by Jon Chua)

*Philippine Eagle
(via 500px / silent hunter by Sonja Probst)

*Barn Owl
(via 500px / Pausing winter… by Daniel Parent)

*Grey Owl
(via 500px / Deadly Landing Gears by Kerry Freebird)

*Snowy Owl
(via 500px / I surprised him. by David Daniel)

*Short Toed Eagle
(via 500px / The Kestrel by Ärztin H.)
(via 500px / “Reckless Abandon” by Peter Brannon)

*Burrowing Owl
(via 500px / The Intrusion by Peter Brannon)

*Bald Eagle